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Autor:  payler [ 29. Aug 2010, 10:28 ]
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Ansell, George Frederick: The Royal Mint - Its Working, Conduct and Operations, Fully and Practically Explained, London, 1871

Blackburn & Dumville: Kings, Curency and Alliances. History and Coinage of Southern England in the Ninth Century, 1998, 259 pages, maps, 11 pages of plates.

Blackburn: Anglo-Saxon Monetary History. Essays in Memory of Michael Dolley, Leicester, 1986, 366 pages, illustrations and tables.

Blunt, Stewart & Lyon: Coinage in Tenth Century England From Edward the elder to Edgar's Reform, Oxford University Press, 1989, 372 pages, 27 plates.

De Jersey: Coinage in Iron Age Armorica. Studies in Celtic Coinage, Number 2, Oxford University, 1994, 266 pages, illustrated throughout, card covers.

Keary Charles, Herbert Grueber, Reginald Poole: A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum. Anglo-Saxon Series. Volume I and Volume II. 1970 reprint of the 1887-1893 original, 282 pages, 30 plates; 543 pages, 32 plates.

Marsh, Michael A: The Gold Sovereign, Cambrigde Coins, Cambrigde, 1. Auflage 1980

Mayhew, N. J.: Sterling Imitations of Edwardian Type, RNS, 1983

North, Jeffrey J.: English Hammered Coinage, Vol. 2, Edward I. to Charles II. 1272-1662, Spink, 1991

Pirie Elizabeth: Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria C700-867 in the Yorkshire Collection, Galata Press, 1996, 287 pages, 58 plates.

Rayner, Alan P.: English Silver Coinage from 1649, 5 th Edition, Seaby, 1992

Smith Richard: The Coinage of the Anglo-Hannoverian Personal Union 1714 - 1837, 2009, Hardcover, 659 Seiten, durchgehend illustriert, englisch, ISBN 978-3-941357-01-3.

Stewartby, Lord: English Coins 1180 - 1551. Spink: London. (2009)

Coins of England & the United Kingdom, 46 th Edition, Spink (London), 2011 - war früher: Seaby, die Numerierung wurde fortgeführt
Coincraft's 1998 Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins 1066 to Date, London 1998 (wird leider nicht fortgeführt)

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Vielen Dank an alle, habe jetzt alle Vorschläge eingepflegt.

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