1913 Mexican 1-peso
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Autor:  villa66 [ 2. Mai 2015, 05:31 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  1913 Mexican 1-peso

Mexico’s 1913 1-peso, of the 1910-1914 “Caballito” (“Little Horse”) type. Struck beginning in the centennial year of the start of the war for Mexican independence, these “Caballitos” are 39mm in diameter and are the first Mexican 1-peso coins to display the country as it is styled today: “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS.”

The “Caballitos” contain good silver (.903), and a lot of it (27.07g), characteristics familiar, of course, to collectors and students of the old Spanish-American 8-reales. Alas, the 20th century was a difficult one for the old silver coinages, and like every other country in the world, Mexico did not succeed in keeping theirs.

Mexico’s 1-peso, however, did put up a tougher fight than many of the world’s silver coins. From 1918-1919 the 1-peso was coined in 18.13g of .800 silver; from 1920-1945 in 16.66g of .720 silver; from 1947-1949 in 14.00g of .500 silver; in 1950, 13.33g of .300 silver; and finally, from 1957-1967, in 16.00g of .100 silver.

Anyone familiar with the unhappy look of Mexico’s .100 silver pesos after only a brief time in circulation knows that copper-nickel—when it did finally arrive with the 1970 1-peso—was a mercy long overdue.

But then anyone who has ever held a “Caballito” in his or her hand also knows that Mexico once had a 1-peso coin that was really…something special.

:) v.

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Autor:  klaupo [ 2. Mai 2015, 18:57 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 1913 Mexican 1-peso

Eine sehr hübsche Münze, die auch in meiner Sammlung liegt. Ich zeige sie trotzdem, denn sie unterscheidet sich in einem - wie ich finde - interessanten Detail. Vor zehn Jahren habe ich dazu etwas in der "Numispedia" geschrieben, und wer nicht raten möchte, kann es dort nachlesen.

Interessiert hat es allerdings kaum jemanden, wie man an der Zahl der Aufrufe des Bildes sehen kann. Ob das nun an der Qualität meines Beitrags oder der Qualität der "Numispedia" liegt, möchte ich offen lassen.

Gruß klaupo

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Autor:  villa66 [ 7. Mai 2015, 20:19 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 1913 Mexican 1-peso

Nice coin, klaupo. Your example has the life mine lacks. (Mine came out of an old collection owned by a coin-cleaner. I don’t know what cleaning agent was used, but the cleaning was probably done in the mid-1960s and all these years later the coin still hasn’t grayed out.)

Thanks for mentioning and explaining the “short ray” variety of this coin. A small difference, but a good solid reason behind it.

Sorry about the delay answering. All I can say is “new grand-baby.”

One other thing. You know how some words just seem to look like what they are? Well, for me, “hübsche” is one of those words.

:) v.

Autor:  klaupo [ 8. Mai 2015, 08:37 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 1913 Mexican 1-peso

villa66 hat geschrieben:
... Sorry about the delay answering. All I can say is “new grand-baby. ...”

Congratulation! :)


Autor:  villa66 [ 10. Mai 2015, 10:14 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 1913 Mexican 1-peso


;) v.

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