American 2012d "Acadia" quarter-dollar
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Autor:  villa66 [ 13. Apr 2015, 03:16 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  American 2012d "Acadia" quarter-dollar

I was given a 2015 Redbook for Christmas and was checking up on the Park quarter-dollars, looking at what’s coming next, and how many of the various designs the mints are producing. The mintage figures, unfortunately, run a couple of years behind the cover date of the catalogs and are substantially complete only through 2013.

I learned that the mint has a new gimmick for collectors: so-called “circulation quality” coins from San Francisco, struck in limited numbers and sold at a premium (which in my opinion makes them something not intended to circulate. So as has been the case since the “S” mintmark departed circulating quarter-dollars after the 1954 coins, only Philadelphia and Denver strike quarters for actual circulation.

The distinction is something important—to me, anyway—because of something I noticed about this quarter, the 2012d “Acadia” struck at Denver:

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Autor:  villa66 [ 13. Apr 2015, 03:20 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: American 2012d "Acadia" quarter-dollar

Its mintage is only 21,606,000. (Some change from the often 500,000,000+ per mint, per design, that were being coined around the turn of the century.)

The small mintage made me curious, so I went through the production numbers. Turns out the 2012d Acadia was coined for circulation in the smallest quantity since this quarter struck in Philadelphia:

1958! (6,360,000)

:D v.

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