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Allectus Trial


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Allectus Trial

Hochgeladen von: kckohn
Bildname: Allectus Trial
Bildbeschreibung: Obverse: IMP C ALLECTVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: -----
Mint: unknown


"This very intriguing find was sent in by Alan Vasey of County Durham.It is a piece of lead measuring
40mm by 27mm by 3mm thick,which has rounded corners and is stamped on one side with what appears to be an impression
from a coin die of Allectus (293-296AD).After searching through numerous reference works and sale catalogues,we traced
nothing similar to this find.The nearest thing to it is a fairly crude copper alloy object on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website (find number 106089).However,that is copper-alloy rather than lead and is said to be engraved rather than stamped.
The style of the impression on this piece of lead is very good indeed:furthermore,the impression around the beaded circle surrounding the legend and portrait of Allectus is similar in shape to one type of Roman coin die.This,therefore,may be an impression taken from an official die.However,we could not be absolutely certain about this,as it might be a very high quality forger's die.On a recent trip to London we showed this find to a Roman authority at the British Museum.Neither he nor his colleague had seen anything like this before.We also thought there was a possibility that this item might have been used as a weight,but we traced nothing remotely like it that dates from the Roman period.If it is stamped with an official die,how did it end up in northern England?Well,Roman activity was widespread towards the end of the 3rd century AD,so someone could have 'acquired'a test piece from a southern mint (London and probably Colchester were striking coins at this time) and ended up losing it while on a posting in the north of England.All in all,this remains something of a mystery but this does not detract from it being a really outstanding find.And,an item like this would be of interest to many collectors and just about every museum."

"I think it is a trial piece, such pieces being found for Viking coins at the mint in Jorvik (York). It seems to be a first for Allectus." - Sam Moorhead, The British Museum
Hochgeladen: 28. Apr 2012, 18:09
Betrachtet: 857

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Bild aufgenommen am: 10. Aug 2011, 10:07
Brennweite: 55 mm
Belichtungszeit: 1/200 Sek
Blende: F/5.6
Weißabgleich: Automatisch
Blitz: Blitz wurde nicht ausgelöst
Belichtungsprogramm: Nicht definiert
Belichtungskorrektur: 0 LW
Belichtungs- Messmethode: Multi-Segment

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